4 Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Real Estate Agent

The commercial property that you choose for your business can have a great impact on its success or lack thereof. Finding the perfect space to place your business is no easy task, so why not get some professional assistance? Many people think that commercial realtors are only used for sellers, but buyers can invest in an agent as well to make the process easier. Here are four benefits of hiring a commercial real estate agent when leasing a commercial space!

Industry Knowledge

Commercial real estate agents typically undergo very extensive training before entering the field. A commercial real estate agent is one that has thorough knowledge and understanding of the real estate industry itself as well as the business industry to know which properties are more likely to maximize your business profit.

Commercial agents do research on the specific area that they work in, so they will know which areas offer the best prices as well as which areas are best suited for the specific type of business you are looking to start/expand. They’re also familiar with the important city zoning codes to ensure that you don’t end up with a property that you can’t even use for your business.

Number of Listings

Commercial property listings are typically scattered between several different listing sites and databases, making it difficult to explore all of your options. A commercial real estate agent has a lot more resources at hand to find the best listing for your business.

There are even listing databases that require agents to pay to view, so these options would never show up on your independent search.  Agents also have a variety of connections and networks in their area, which can make them aware of property listings that might not even be online.

Negotiating Technique

A commercial real estate agent spends a lot of time negotiating prices and knows the proper technique. Leasing a commercial property comes with a lot of paperwork and research that can be overwhelming to someone that isn’t in the business.

Your agent may be able to spot problems with a property that you didn’t notice. They will carefully go through all the information regarding the property you want to lease and professionally negotiate a reasonable price, keeping your best interest in mind the entire time.

Time Saving

If you already own a business and are expanding or relocating, looking for a new property can take a lot of your time. As a business owner, you already have enough on your plate and probably don’t get many days off. Hiring a commercial real estate agent saves you the time and trouble of having to sift through potential listings. Your agent will do the research for you and only come back to you with the best options for your specific business.

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