The Main Types of Industrial Buildings

Industrial properties fall under commercial real estate and refer to any property zoned and created for industrial activities. Industrial activities include manufacturing, production, storage, research, and more. The type of industrial building or property you need depends on the type of business you are running because they are designed specifically to accommodate certain needs. Here are the main types of industrial buildings so that you know which type you need for your business!


A warehouse building is generally only one floor, but can range broadly in size depending on the needs of the business occupying the building. Warehouses can be up to hundreds of thousands of square feet for large businesses that need ample amounts of storage.

Some warehouses are purposely built tall so that trucks and equipment can move freely throughout the warehouse. The main purpose of a warehouse or distribution center is to provide a space to store all of your merchandise until you need access.

Cold Storage

For restaurants, grocery stores, and other businesses that handle food, refrigerated storage space is needed. Cold storage centers are important for these businesses because it keeps food fresh until it’s time to use it. These industrial buildings are typically the same size as a warehouse, but have special temperature controls to keep the space cold.

Flex Space

If you need an industrial space that can serve multiple purposes, then a flex space might be the best option for you. Flex spaces are typically smaller than a warehouse with shorter ceilings, they can be used for a variety of industrial activities.

These spaces are great for research facilities, office spaces, showrooms, and light warehousing. You can also create a spac that combines any number of these activities.

Showroom Building

Showrooms are great for trade shows, as well as any other events that showcase your products. These industrial spaces are specifically designed to display goods and materials to an audience.

Not only are they great for displaying goods, but they also have storage space so that extra merchandise can be stored at the site for purchase. This allows possible buyers to physically see and test out a product before buying.

Manufacturing Centers

Rather than stores merchandise and products, manufacturing centers store the specialized equipment needed to create goods and materials. Manufacturing centers are also referred to as heavy industrial buildings because they often contain large and hazardous materials.

These specialty industrial buildings have access to high capacity electrical power and may also include features such as floor drains, heavy duty ventilation system, and pressurized water lines. Businesses can use manufacturing centers to store metals, glass, cranes, planks, chemicals, and more.

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