Lease Renewal & Negotiation

Have you ever negotiated a $.25 discount and saved $75,000? A $.25 reduction in the rent on a 5,000 square foot space, over a 5 years lease term, is $75,000 off the bottom line. At Newspace, we fight tirelessly for the savings that will help your business thrive.
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The Reality...

Tenants represented by a Newspace Tenant Advisor indicate to landlords that they’re serious about relocating, motivating the landlord to offer the most competitive package.

We don’t need advice, we’ve done this before.

The Reality...

Landlords will only cite lease comps most favorable to their position, and in order to get a complete view of market activity and trends, a tenant needs a trusted advisor representing tenant interests who can find comps favoring the tenants position.

I have a good relationship with my landlord and they gave me the comparable deals done in the market.

The Reality...

A Newspace Tenant Advisors job is to minimize the hassles while also generating leverage needed in order to drive a fair transaction. Even if the goal is to stay, it is when the landlord sees a credible threat of moving that they sharpen their pencils and provide better terms.

I don’t want to go through the hassle when I know I’m going to renew.

The Reality...

Full commission is accounted for regardless of whether the tenant has representation because the landlord’s broker receives the full fee, whether or not the tenant’s interests are represented. The reality is that in most instances, a Newspace Tenant Advisor will save the tenant more money than the commission paid.

Landlord says my rent will go up if I have representation.

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